Dr. Ronald Holmes

Lasallian Partners Council
Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation 2003 - 2
Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation 2008
Ronald Holmes obtained his Bachelor of Arts in History-Political Science at De La Salle University-Manila. Since 1985, he has been with DLSU’s Department of Political Science. Armed with exemplary leadership skills, Holmes jumpstarted the different programs in the department while serving as its chairperson from 1990-1996.
I am a guardian of democracy. I am La Salle.

Through the years, he has served different roles as a Lasallian administrator, becoming Executive Director of the De La Salle University System in 1999, Executive Vice President of the College of Saint Benilde from 2000-2004, Executive Vice President of De La Salle Santiago Zobel from 1999-2000 and 2004-2008, and Director for Institutional Planning, Research and Advocacy Office of De La Salle University from 2009-2011.

Mr. Holmes’ heart for service has not been limited to the academe. His heart is big enough and brave enough to embrace the whole country, also serving as co-chair of the Technical Working Group on Faculty and Staff Development Grants of the Commission on Higher Education from 2015-2017; Acting Executive Director of the Philippine Social Science Council from 2011-2013; Chair for the Technical Panel for the Social Sciences and Communications of the Commission on Higher Education from 2012-2013; and Chair for the Committee on Political Science Technical Panel for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Communications of the Commission on Higher Education from 1995-2011. 

His biggest role for the country, which he took on starting 2008, is serving as President of Pulse Asia Research, Inc., a private, non-stock and non-profit research organization that conducts social science research projects. Most of the people who work in this organization are educators from top universities in the Philippines. It is the most well-known organization when it comes to election surveys. Its regular national survey, Ulat ng Bayan (Report of the Public), publicly assesses the performance of the country’s top agencies and key national officials. Leading this organization exposes him to death threats during the election season, but this does not hinder him from serving his country and fellowmen.