The Lasallian Partners Council welcomes you to the LPC Portal. This website is dedicated to all members of the Philippine Lasallian Family and those who seek to learn more about the Lasallian Mission. It seeks to provide valuable and meaningful information and resource materials to all interested in learning more about the Lasallian world. It also hopes to inspire lay partners to be more active and to contribute towards providing human and Christian education to the young, especially those most in need.




The LPC Logo

The letter L stands out among the other letters in the LPC acronym as it uniquely embodies the essence of the group, i.e., Lasallian. It also refers to words that represent the kind of work the members do, which include Leadership, Lay Ministry, Legacy, Leaf (Environmental Sustainability), and Life.

The design of the letter L follows the Palmer Method of handwriting that is commonly taught in De La Salle Schools.

The symmetrical arcs that connect with each other form an abstract figure that resemble a chalice, a vine, and a person in action.

Logo created by DLS-CSB Center for Institutional Communications