First Philippine Lasallian Synod (1999)

“When Br. Armin Luistro FSC, became the Brother Provincial, meaning he was in charge of the De La Salle Philippine District, he made a historic move to insure a sustainable pursuit of the educational mission of St. John Baptist de la Salle in the Philippines. In 1999, he called for a District Synod to establish partnership with the Brothers’ lay educators” wrote Dr. Emil Hudtohan in an article entitled “La Salle Brothers: The Two Generals”[1] which was published by Manila Standard Today on Sept. 29, 2014.

Hudtohan’s article continued, “This event is essential in understanding of the message of Superior General Br. Bob Schieler who said, ‘I know that anything that can be accomplished will be done only because of the great Lasallian family that we are all.’ As this unfolds lay men and women are called upon to carry out the educational and evangelical mission of the Church.”

“The Lasallian family Br. Bob refers to is a partnership of the Brothers with the lay educators. In 1999, Br. Armin Luistro, FSC, then Brother Provincial, convened the First Philippine Lasallian District Synod. That synod was unique because the Brothers stayed at the background and their lay partners were given the upper hand to fashion the direction of the District in the Philippines.”

In an email, Dr. Carmelita Quebengco wrote that Br Armin Luistro should be given the credit for organizing the 1999 Synod “because he was the Brother Provincial (at that time), who thought of that and pushed hard for it to become a reality in our LS District. Br Bob Schieler (now the Superior General of the Brothers) and I facilitated the first Synod through its completion. And yes, the lay partners of the Brothers were given their due importance in this assembly.”

During the 1999 Synod, Dr. Quebengco wrote: “the number of representatives per region was determined depending on the number of Lasallian partners there were in the region. The first LPC representatives elected during the Convocation were the following:”

  1. Mr. Nonoy Belleza - USLS (Visayas)
  2. Ms Mila Manatad - La Salle Academy (Mindanao)
  3. Mrs. Ophelia Fugoso AFSC - replaced Ms. Manatad for the unexpired term. During PLFC08, Mrs. Fugoso was chosen and re-elected for another term, representing Mindanao
  4. Ms. Vangie de Peralta - De La Salle Santiago Zobel (Luzon)
  5. Atty. Army Miravalles - La Salle Green Hills (Luzon)
  6. Dr. Carmelita Quebengco AFSC - De La Salle University (Luzon). She was also elected as LPC Chair

The 1999 Synod formulated and adopted the ten-point Lasallian Ministry Action Plans (LSMAP):

  • Document, "Principles of Lasallian Education in the Philippines"
  • Rubric on the Implementation of the Guiding Principles of the Philippine Lasallian Family
  • Establishment of the De La Salle Philippines as a governing structure for Lasallian schools in the Philippine

  • Strengthening of linkages and networking with CBCP, CEAP and AMRSP.

  • Document, "Foundational Principles of Lasallian Formation"

  • Promoting the Lasallian Mission through Information Dissemination

Document, "Lasallian Social Development Framework"

Designating Regional Training and Formation Center Schools

  • Schools' Response to Environmental Concerns
  • Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE)

  • Document, "Lasallian Associations, Associates, and Other Relationships"

  • Establishment of the One La Salle Scholarship Fund

  • Special Support Program for Lasallians with Urgent Needs First Lasallian District Synod (1999)

1. First Philippine Lasallian Synod of 1999
2. Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2003)
3. Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2008)
4. Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2015)

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