Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2015)

During the Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation of April 2015 (PLFC15), new members were elected and others retained:

  1. Ms. Teresita Barcoma
  2. Mr. Geoffrey Bob Bergante
  3. Mr. Ritche Bongcaron
  4. Dr. Flor Ejercito
  5. Mr. Juanito Gervasio - Chairman
  6. Ms. Carmelia Lazatin
  7. Ms. Jimelo Tipay
  8. Ms. Fritzie de Vera
  9. Ms. Nelca Villarin
  10. Ms. Beverly Widmaier

Ms. Ma. Gracia Lazo, Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Office, attended the LPC meetings as an ex-officio member. Mr. Gervasio was elected LPC Chairman.

At present, the LPC helps to oversee the plans and programs of the LMS (formerly LPO) offices. LPC members have volunteered to mentor and accompany each LMS office in the formulation, implementation, and monitoring of their plans and programs.

[1] Dr. Emil Hudtohan, "The two generals", Manila Standard Today, September 29, 2014,
[2] PLFC 2008 Communication No. 1. Oct. 1, 2006
[3] In 2008, the Philippines was still considered a District or Province of the Institute. In May 2011, it was merged with six (6) other countries into the Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD), composed of Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. 
[4] LEAD was founded on May 15, 2011. Source:

2015 PLFC Resolutions


RESOLUTION 1. Let it be resolved that sustainable, developmental, and holistic Lasallian Leadership formation across all stakeholders be intensified based on the Lasallian Guiding Principles and the emerging realities in Philippine education.

RESOLUTION 2 Let it be resolved that Lasallian communities foster competence and collaboration, a spirit of transparency and accountability, and nurture a culture of dialogue, a strong sense of integrity, compassion, and a deeper faith-based commitment to the mission.

RESOLUTION 3 Let it be resolved that the promotion of Lasallian vocations (Brothers, Sisters, Lay Partners, Volunteers and Young Lasallians) be an integral part of formation initiatives in all Lasallian institutions.

RESOLUTION 4 Let it be resolved that the leaders of the Lasallian Family be responsive to new opportunities for sharing the Lasallian Mission in light of the ASEAN integration and its membership in LEAD.


RESOLUTION 5 Let it be resolved that a learner-centered, holistic, innovative, globally competitive, and socially relevant curriculum grounded on the Lasallian core values be promoted in response to the emerging needs of diverse learners.

RESOLUTION 6 Let it be resolved that Lasallian academic communities and other institutions be characterized by educators who are animated by the Lasallian Guiding Principles towards social transformation.

RESOLUTION 7 Let it be resolved that Lasallian learners be globally competent, committed to excellence and active agents of social change.

RESOLUTION 8 Let it be resolved that standards of assessment for the Lasallian curriculum, academic communities/institutions and learners be formulated.

RESOLUTION 9 Let it be resolved that DLSP assess the implementation of these resolutions (related to curriculum, academic communities/institutions, and learners) using our Lasallian philosophy, standards and other documents.

RESOLUTION 10 Let it be resolved that faith-life be strengthened among sector schools through the revitalization of the Religious Education programs.


RESOLUTION 11 Let it be resolved that Lasallian Institutions continue to explore and implement creative, innovative and sustainable ways to make Lasallian education more accessible to the marginalized and underserved sectors.

RESOLUTION 12 Let it be resolved that Lasallian Institutions target 20- 25% Full Scholarship Equivalence (FSE) for the marginalized sectors of the community, multi-challenged groups and underserved.

RESOLUTION 13 Let it be resolved that Lasallian institutions have greater engagement with the public schools and be more sensitive and responsive to partner and neighboring communities.


RESOLUTION 14 Let it be resolved that in pursuing productivity and operational efficiency, all Lasallian Institutions be consistently guided by the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion in mission.

RESOLUTION 15 Let it be resolved that all Lasallian Institutions anchor their operational policies and processes on the Modern Conduct of Schools (MCS) towards enhancement of the overall learning experience.

RESOLUTION 16 Let it be resolved that Lasallian Institutions continue to practice the sharing of resources in order to strengthen the network towards furthering the mission.

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4. Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2015)

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