Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation (May 2003)

The 2003 Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation was a clear response to Resolution 2.4 of the 11th (Philippine) District Chapter and to Proposition 5 of the 43rd of the General Chapter that speaks of "a structure responsible for the Lasallian educational mission, in which all participate in a deliberate vote."  Although Proposition 5 speaks of "Brothers and their Associates," and does not include (lay) partners in the way that the Convocation was done.  Credit for this historic breakthrough must be given to Br. Armin Luistro, Visitor the Philippine District at that time.


In the words of Br. Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria FSC, Superior General, the Convocation succinctly summarizes the beneficial importance of the Convocation:  "My general impression upon reading the resolutions is that the Lasallian Family in the Philippines is determined to harness its energy, experience and expertise into well-defined and strong channels of action that can have greater impact on schools and communities that surround them."

Another important accomplishment of the Convocation were resolutions that addressed the Lasallian Ministry Action Plans (LSMAP) that were formulated during the 1999 Synod.

Br. Alvaro continued: "The technical analysis also helped me to see how the resolutions of the Convocation further the implementation of the Lasallian Ministry Action Plan (LSMAP) drawn up at the Synod of 1999, which I had the privilege of attending."

LSMAP and PLFC03 Resolutions

The link between the 1999 Synod's LSMAP and the 2003 Convocation's resolutions are shown in the diagram below:

Lasallian Partners Council

After consultation with the Lasallian Family, the Brother Visitor requested the following lay partners to serve in the Lasallian Partners Council:

The LPC Members who served after the 1999 Synod continued until the Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation of 2003.  From School Year 2003 to 2006, the following served in the LPC:

  1. Dr. Roberto Borromeo
  2. Mr. Ramelle Javier
  3. Ms. Josephine Tero
  4. Ms. Ophelia Fugoso
  5. Mr. Michael Gamo

Serving as an ex-officio member was Ms. Josie Burgos (2003 - 2005), then replaced by Ms. Evangeline De Peralta (2005-2008)

From from SY 2006 to 2008, the following served in the Interim LPC:

  1. Mr. Ronald Holmes
  2. Mr. Ramelle Javier
  3. Ms. Ophelia Fugoso
  4. Dr. Marie Therese Jochico
  5. Dr. Herminia Torres

With Ms. Evangeline De Peralta continuing to attend as an ex-officio member.

One of the most important document produced during the 2003 Convocation was the Guiding Principles of the Lasallian Family, later revised and became known as simply the Lasallian Guiding Principles (LGP).


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