Lasallian Formation Journey: Belonging

From being a participant to identifying oneself as Lasallian

As De La Salle and the teachers form a new type of community, they recognize the significance of their work and shared life, adopting the name “Brothers” to describe their relationships with each other and the students entrusted to their care.

At this stage, we begin to understand the essence of our work in the school as more than a job and identify ourselves as part of a larger community in an educational setting. In the process, we also seek to establish the link between our purpose, meaning, and joy to the work that we do.

The focus of this threshold is self-identification as a Lasallian. At this threshold one may still be occupied with fitting in and complying with the expectations of those with authority in the community. Persons at this stage often look for support in peer groups and search for role models to follow or mentors to guide their progress. One’s sense of efficacy at this stage comes from one’s degree of belonging and the ability to fulfill tasks. For this reason, mentoring and capacity-building should be made available. In the area of spirituality, one should be helped to move from cultural religiosity to genuine intimacy with a God present in all of life. The task of formation at this threshold is to build a deeper understanding of the spiritual motivations that support the mission as well as competence and confidence in the exercise of their responsibilities.

Points for Reflection / Questions to engage:

  1. What events led me to define myself as Lasallian?
  2. What opportunities can I pursue to discover the richness of our heritage and deepen my commitment to the mission?
  3. In what areas do I need to improve my service to the institution?
  4. Why is this mission important to me and to those I meet in this institution?
  5. Who can help me as I go further in my journey with this institution?
  6. How am I enriched by my shared experiences with others in this institution?
  7. What commitments can I make to become more and more Lasallian?
  8. How can I deepen my spiritual life as I grow into the roles and responsibilities I am assuming?

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